The Best Way to Kill Passion

One thing I’ve learned about passion is that it dies with obligation.

– Miel Adu

In my experience, turning my ‘passion into a paycheck’ led to depression and an almost life-threatening bout of writer’s block.

For example, I love to write. I know one day, my stories will be read and watched by those I may never meet, if I commit to writing them…telling them.

But having someone tell me what, how and when to deliver 500 – 1000 words zaps the life right outta me in no time FLAT! I’ve done it for 5 years: trust me – I KNOW!

The word passion derives from the Old Latin root pati which means ‘to suffer.’

The thing that sets me on fire…ignites me…is something I must do because I am inwardly compelled. It can not be something I have to do because it is outwardly demanded.

Otherwise, what once ‘hurt so good’ that it could only be quelled by giving in, simply hurts – and leads to giving up.

It becomes monotonous…mundane…ordinary…downright laborious.

Perhaps, the true goal is to feel a great desire, and sustain it through heartfelt engagment. Perhaps, we’ve lost the joy of living in the ‘cost of living’. Passion is a sort of not-easily-explained madness; it is possession – a point where we soften to let another force guide and drive us. We feel intensely, and produce divinely from those feelings.

We are in service to our passions, not the other way around.

When we demand that our passions make us materially rich, we aim to enslave that which is inherently free. It has called us forth, not the other way around. This is not to say that we cannot desire to do what we love. Thankfully, we rarely love to do only one thing.

Our ‘moneymaker’ can engage any one (or more) of our interests, talents or skills. It, too, ought to be in service to our passion – which is our purpose for being here, truly.

And, a little secret, the moment we detach our passion from our preoccupation with money is, oftentimes, the point where abundance begins to gush. By then, it doesn’t matter nearly as much. We do it for the love of it.




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