if i could tell you anything i would tell you this:

Live life presently: there is no better time than now. There never has been, there never will be.

Listen more than you look or touch or taste or smell or speak. And when you do speak, make sure that it is not only the truth, but true as well.

Learn what ‘chakras’ are and tend to them. Stand in the rain at least once a month; there are nations performing rituals as we speak to experience what we consider an “inconvenience.”

Sit your bare bottom on the ground, and allow Earth to grow in you.

Spend as much time as you can celebrating – for every and no reason at all. There’s always time for joy – an extra special treat, a free film, a longer-than-usual walk on an autumn afternoon, a surprise visit from a friend or a trashtalkin’ game of dominoes over ginger beer.

Wear your “special” clothes for “ordinary” occasions and see what happens. (I can’t give it ALL away).

Learn from children.

Laugh at yourself, at least once everyday. Eat good food, but don’t eat too much or even ‘enough.’ You may not be yourself when you’re hungry, but desire inspires and space is holy.

Believe in miracles.

Dance – everyone has rhythm.

Learn to swim and defend yourself, but avoid a fight at all costs. Learn to do much with little – needing little frees you up to BE more.

Know that the body never lies.

And whatever you do, take time to listen to your heartbeat daily; it will tell you things no physician or psychologist can tell you.

Breathe deeply … until your fingertips tingle. Enjoy the jiggle of parts once firm and accept the changing of the seasons –

Know that while you are forever, this moment isn’t.

Remember that what matters most isn’t the matter at all.

Make a mistake, on purpose, to rid yourself of the terrible myth that mistakes mean failure, or the failure is final. It will not be your end. Listen, it won’t.

The world is nothing but a mosaic of stories of missteps and misfits connected by a grace and love big enough to fit a galaxy.

And, you do belong here.


Poem by: Miel Adu

Artwork by: Greg Rivera “The Wise Woman”


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