Love Matters: Connection

Connection is not the same as interaction.

Interaction is more of an involuntary call and response – the intentionless happening between two elements that come across each other’s path. In the case of humans, there usually isn’t much forethought or intense desire.

Connection requires an opening: both elements allow themselves to be entered by the other in order to create a new something that would otherwise be impossible alone. It’s purposeful. It’s a risk. And if you have experienced it once, you won’t want to be without it again.

I find that most people interact; few truly connect.

Dying for connection, but avoiding vulnerability (by any means), we increase our interactions – the number, the types, the vehicles utilized. We diversify without deepening.

We become “well-rounded” and shallow – repeating the same patterns in different spaces, thinking we are really growing through exposure. Or saying we just want the experience of it all.

We are vast mirages – appearing to be oases from a distance, but dryer than bones up close. And we know it.

We want to see all, and reveal nothing; know the future without being present. We are incurably bored, assuming answers to our best questions and eradicating all worthwhile risks. Our lives become a reckless rebellion against this self-imposed boredom.

We are petrified of Life, and Its pervasive mystery.

And we forget that every moment is miraculous; every word, a prayer; every minute, a chance to turn it all around. We do not have to remain beholden to that which has already been; WE ARE ABLE to create that which we’ve always desired to see.

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