The Last Day of My Life

If today were the last day of my life, I wouldn’t want a traditional obituary.

Who needs to know when I was born or what degree I earned in university, how many children I did (or didn’t) have and how many exes I’ve collected? These do nothing for no one – just another pebble to toss on the pile.


I’d want to share the treasures of my heart, leave the way I lived: giving.

So…here goes:

  1. Love is all that matters. Not how hurt you’ve been or what “they say”…neither your fears nor your successes…all that will every matter is where you saw Love, felt Love, gave Love. I promise you – it’s the only thing that transforms.
  2. March to your own beat. As soon as you know your truest desire, ACT ON IT. Start with small consistent actions that speak your truth. You don’t have to tell anyone. You don’t need anyone’s permission. As the poet Rumi says: “What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”
  3. Listen more than you speak. I suck at this one. With the time I have left, I will listen more to silence, nature, my lovers and loved ones, the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. There is beauty in asking with your undivided attention.
  4. Life is only as good as your questions. I was so consumed for the first 3 decades of my life with knowing the answer to so many things. Finally, I understand that my questions were often not deep enough. I would ask: “Does so-and-so love me?” when I really wanted to live the answer to “How does true Love feel?” You see? Ask the question. Live (into) the answer.
  5. All you have is NOW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not 3 years. If it means the world to you, DO IT NOW. SAY IT NOW. FEEL IT NOW. CHOOSE IT NOW. CHANGE IT NOW.
  6. Indecision shapes your life as much as choices. Whether you step up and decide what you will create, or wait for something to fall into your lap, your life will reflect your choice. And if you don’t like what you’re experiencing, choose something else.
  7. Fear isn’t real, but it will show you what is when you face it. If I lived my life facing one fear after another, I believe I would land exactly where I’m meant to be AS the person I decided to become when I chose to incarnate. Translation: if you don’t know what to do, find the fear and do what scares you. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Always tell yourself the truth. Some of the biggest detours in my life have come from lying to myself. I’d try to make myself happy with things that didn’t resonate with my design or convince myself to stay in situations I’d want to leave. Telling myself the truth has been the scariest, most life-changing things I’ve done.
  9. Have more fun. I would laugh more…play more…relax more, and not take myself (and others) so damn seriously.

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