9 times outta 10

9 times outta 10…

i won’t remember to bring the trash can from the curb or to put the pillows in a certain order. i am a woman who nurtures many and feels much… a watcher…a listener…a keen observer. i am a midwife. and my house won’t always look fit for company, but any soul is always welcome. my clothes may not be ironed, but they will be worn and given to any in greater need than i. 9 times outta 10, i’ll forget trash day until the can is overflowing or leave a glass-encased candle burning after i’ve left the house. my poem may be finished before dinner is, and there may be paint on the carpet from my latest spontaneous expression. but i will never forget to love you or listen or pray or kiss our babies or hold your hand, without you ever needing to ask. i will never forget to ask for help when i need it and to be grateful for all that comes. i will never forget the sound of a loved one making it home safely or the peculiar way the phone rings when there’s not-so-hoped-for news on the other line. 9 times outta 10 i’m not even in the 3rd dimension…just kiss me on my cheek, and i’ll come back.

– Asha Tane

©All rights reserved 2016.

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