Tough Emotions

sadness made love to me today, came up from under the sheets and wanted to spoon. i had to go…i had things to do, but he curled himself around my waist and said, “stay…just a lil while.” i gave him 3 days of me…lying in different contorted positions…twisting in elegance…alternating dominating and submission…always touching every part in every way…in and out of each other like boundaries didn’t exist. waves of water poured from everywhere, places i didn’t even think could leak spilled salty liquid onto the sheets. he gurgled in me …his version of joy…got full and filled up, he licked my fingertips and cheeks, he kissed my eyelashes, and thumbed the nook above my button…and when i began to dry, he said, “save some for later. you’ll need it.” and i did…and i do…because my circle gotta stay round and my glass always emptying and filling and doing it again like the moon.

– Asha T’nae

© All Rights Reserved 2016.

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