I love my lines:

Forehead expressions, corners of eyes…


I’m decorated.

See the remnants of a decade’s smile


I am not made of alabaster –

Humanity wrapped in wHoliness

colored with laughter,

it’s the feeling I’m after.

It’s the feeling I’m in. 

The color of Earth, the sex of yin –

I’ve been written – maktub

And am written within

these lines

of mine.

Stretched, colored and etched to define

traced in veins, sipped with wine

dripped in ink, read on braille

To Love is to Know

to Know one must show


I came here to feel what it’s like to be real,

written and transcribed

remembered through your lens and mine.

I am not your fantasy.

I am mine.

© Asha T’nae. All Rights Reserved 2016.

IMAGE: Saddi Khali

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