Im inna de moment, flyin’ on a breath ‘n quick

Im inna de rhythm, sauntering past your quiet conversation ‘n pretense

Im inna de skin, breathin’ deep in a glow

Im inna de dreamworld, the one you don’t believe …

Im inna de scent you don’t know how it got in your sheets

Im inna de gap between where ya stand ‘n jus beyond your reach

Easy groove lullaby for wakin to, ain’t nobody tell ya?

Im inna de words you too ‘fraid to speak…

Im inna de promise made ‘n you nuh keep

Im inna de seek, not the sought

Ting desired, held in heart ‘n lost?

Im inna dere.

Im inna de secret passions you nuh feel to revelation, too tipsy on ego

Whudeysay, whatdeythink, howdeydo, wheredeygo

Im inna de exhale of smoked medicines, bumpin up against your spine

beggin you to breeeeeeeaaaathhee

fuh de first time

I ain’t on no screen, I scream in wet dreams

‘n tings dat never be wat dey seem

I be dat.

Inna beat dat…

drum say, “welcome” but don’t nobody come.

Inna de here.

 © 2016 Asha Taylor. All Rights Reserved.

Image Credits: Saddi Khali

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