“You gave me blue and I gave you yellow. Together

we are simple green. You gave me what you did not have, and I gave you

what I had to give-together, we made something greater from the difference.”

-excerpt from “When Giving Is All We Have” by Albert Rios

**To Skye: for making me believe in sweetness again,  and making sense of my sound.**

Maybe our husbands and wives are not necessarily the ones we marry, but rather those with whom we unify.

By “unify” I mean become a much more better “one” because of our individuality and difference. We transform naturally in a way that is both inevitable and irrevocable.

Yellow stays yellow. Blue stays blue. And when they mix, they are green -not because of what either gave up, but because of what they allowed.

Together, they are what they might never become apart.

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