“Your task is not to seek for love…”


What if that was the complete quote?

It is, after all, followed by the conjunction “but,” which means that it could stand on it’s own. Linguistically, speaking.

And, perhaps, it should.

The funny thing about Love is that there never seems to be enough of it.

Maybe it’s because we’re seeking it so desperately … calling Her replacement Her name.

We’re chopping down forests while looking for shade.

You ever look really hard for something you’ve lost, only to find it when you stop searching?

Love’s like that.

She has to be allowed, like warming yourself under sunshine. She takes time. She reveals herself when we’re ready – not a minute before.

I believe that if we want “enough” of it, we’ll have to become what we seek, and seek no more.


We create as many opportunities to be – and share – what we most desire. We make a game of seeing how much love we can show while requiring less, and expecting nothing.

I hear you.

You’re scared you’ll never get what you deserve if you don’t demand it. 

But that’s not true. Nobody likes a dictator, even if they obey. And nobody appreciates a nag, even if they acquiesce. Love is not found in these spaces. It cannot be negotiated or traded.

Let’s be honest: relationships don’t fall apart because of finances and “irreconcilable differences.” Those are just symptoms. In my own life, relationships have fallen apart because I failed to accept what I saw and felt as true, and trust in the enoughness of what is.

That’s Love, to me – ACCEPTANCE.

I conjoled. I assumed. I overlooked. I hoped. I negotiated. I pleaded. I manipulated. But, I did not accept. Had I accepted from the beginning, I probably would not have been in those spaces to start. And, had we still parted (for Love is not togetherness), I would have known Love was right there – and is still here – and that there is no need to look for Her.

**follow-up musing in next week’s edition**

Disclaimer: I know NOTHING. Trust me.


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