Sometimes we want something with all our hearts, and we are absolutely sure of it. We are sure it will work. We are sure this is the way. We are sure that we want this; after all, we’ve chosen it. And in this certainty we rest comfortably, forgetting that Life isn’t about comfort, certainty and correctness.

And then, it all falls apart. The answer is “No.” Something stops it all. And we don’t know what to do.

This is GOOD.

Life is Mystery. Life is Magick. Life is meant to guide us to the Edge – because truth be told, the Edge is where the concept of Life animates, transforming from inanimate concept (noun) to a verb (LIVE) or adjective (LIVE).

So when it happens to you – and it will – remember to ask the essential question. It isn’t What’s next for me, it’s What’s NOW for me?

And then, see how the way goes.


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