Setting Sail

What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs. – Rumi

The other morning I awoke early to study for an exam. Not only was I two weeks behind in lectures, but had only a few hours to digest, note and synthesize information in order to feel prepared.

As I completed the first lecture, I heard something say, “You’re ready now.”

Just like that.

You’re ready now.

I didn’t go take the exam then because I reasoned myself out of it. I had to finish BOTH lectures to be “ready.” There was no way I was “ready now.”

But I was.

A few hours later when I took the exam, I saw that NONE of the information I studied from the second lecture was on the exam. Only then did I understand.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

And so, I figure it’s time I listen to this sense first — rather than see its wisdom after NOT following it.

The sooner we heed our inner inklings, the sooner we enter the richness of a dynamic satisfaction that seems to only come from doing the unthought-about thing. There’s an excitement – a genuine thrill – in following our inner inklings into heretofore unexplored territories.


Rather than being a summation of thoughts and projections, we actually feel ourselves fill with the juiciness of ripe living. We are sentient and changing, daring and trusting. We are LIVING.

In Anatomy we learn that structure complements function; and when either shifts, then dis-ease occurs. If we don’t live into our basic function of listening to our FIRST sense, then our structures atrophy.

So, that leaves only one thing to do…sail.


“A boat is safe in a harbour, but that’s NOT the purpose of the boat.” ~Paulo Coelho

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