Exploring Happiness: Allowing

“Allowing is movement, and movement transforms.”

It seems paradoxical, but it’s true:

Until I open myself to my true here-now feelings, release the dam and let the waters of my present emotion flow, I remain STUCK in my STUFF.

And that ain’t about nothing (translation: “it’s not cool at ALL”).

“I’ve learned that the more I try to be happy, the more distant it becomes.”

Allowing, then, becomes a matter of unlatching the gate of internal resistance (usually rooted in judgment, the forefather of TRY), and bidding whatever emotion, “Come.”

It’s like letting an ocean wave hit you straight on — no running, no back turning, no ducking.

Allow (v.): Let it happen. Go with it, not against.

When I don’t allow, I feel it in the center of my chest.

A heavy, thick feeling – like invisible gunk weiging down my breath, movements and thoughts.

It reminds me of childhood cries. Sometimes, I’d cry so hard that I’d eventually have trouble breathing. I’d cycle between stifling noisy sobs and nose spitting snot to outright wailing.

But, after some time, something moved. 

And the hiccup breaths would commence – rapid involuntary, subsequent series of inhales, released in – and balanced by – long, single trembling exhales.

The feeling I got then, and NOW, are still the same:

My insides are quiet as sky. My body says, “Alright, it’s all right.” I breathe fully.

And although it’s not happiness or joy, there is relief in that echo. And relief is …well… a relief.

So the BODY Mantra I invite you, who are desiring happiness, levity and joy, but SUPPRESSING or FEELING emotions that are otherwise, to feel into is this: 

“It is all right. I am alright.”

Dance. Walk. Work out. Massage. Cry…Swing…until you feel the quiet clearing within, and can breathe into its truth: it may not be what I want, but it is, in this moment, alright.

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