Sum (of the) Times: Calling All Women

Evolution is NEVER televised. ~herstory

The time has come.

And Google can’t tell you how to do it; it’s innate.

We can’t google return to origins – to wisdom and wellness. And the time for returning has come.

RE-turn (v.): turn around, turn again, change direction 

Wellness is every woman’s birthright:  no matter her circumstance, background, location or life decision.

And, NOW, that is in jeopardy. So it has also become our (the women’s) responsibility.

“Every blessing comes with a burden of responsibility and accountability.” ~ Dr. Levi

As a midwife in training, I have accepted the call to protect women – their minds, hearts, bodies, wisdom and access to optimal wellness. I have said yes to guarding our bodies as sacred, and practicing and passing on the wisdom of ancient traditions with integrity.

1st Remembered Knowing:

We cannot be separated from our bodies. Our bodies are an intrinsic part of our power – power that can be used against us if we don’t know better, and do the better that we know.

When we accept responsibility for doing more than adorning ourselves externally, while trusting strangers to tell us about the bodies we occupy 24/7, we empower ourselves.

Nobody – I mean NOBODY – is going to love and care for us more than we love and care for ourselves. NOBODY is going to empower us to be anything that contradicts their agenda and vision for our role within that agenda.


Whether body, mind or soul, choose to apply yourself to self-understanding of your body in some way, and HONORING that understanding. Change practitioners. Remove an unhealthy food item. Exercise. Do something to show you KNOW.

P.S. And if you love women, but you don’t identify as a woman, know that this affects you too. When woman is under attack, the very sustenance of humanity is also.

We’re only as good as our Mothers. ~Time


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