Dear Woman,

Masks are intriguing, but they were meant to come off.

Yes, they are lovely for festivals and role playing, not so much for living your ACTUAL life.

In fact the fear of being seen just may be the NUMBER ONE cause of your feeling so damn lonely and emotionally “put out” of your own life

It begins within.


There really are only two options:

to be or NOT to be (pretend).

No question.

At some point, you make a decision about how you will engage Life, and the experiences it gifts you. Know that Time cannot be bribed into slowing down.

I know that you hide.

And I know WHERE you hide.

No one will rescue you from your hiding place; that’s an inside job. Those who love you, and want to see into you even more, desire your willful sharing of self. They don’t want your glory to depend on them; they want to see you triumphant, in true.

When you take off your mask you dare to be seen as MORE than you’ve previously presented — someone dynamic and multi-faceted, dented and occasionally dysfunctional, complex and, YES, sometimes, inconvenient.

YOU are being brave enough to feel the fullness of all the un-Google-able shit.

But completion lies in TRANSPARENCY:

allowing yourself to be seen without deflecting or explaining.

Everyone will not applaud your roundness. Some may not understand. But the Love that Life has assigned you, that you have chosen before you knew about Fear, will recognize your face and find you in every facet of your life.

Just you wait, stand and see how just BEING IS ENOUGH.

Leave the masks for entertainment. You came here to connect, and true connection BEGINS with being.

For a sky-kisser, one moment in the clouds is worth a million on the ground. Never touch down, baby. Never.

With Love,




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