I’ve heard it said, “Life is only as good as your questions.”

And I, now, believe it to be true. We are so preoccupied and amused with the answers to questions, we forget that the one who asks the question is guiding the ship — the ones who answer are just on it.

So I’ve done y’all a solid (you’re welcome), and shared some of my favorite replacement questions to ask when the way gets a bit hard to see.


     Why is this happening to me? 


     What’s FOR me in this situation? This could mean…

  • What’s happening right now that’s working in my favor?
  • What is here that is to catch my attention?
  • What can I take from this situation in order to be better?


     When will I get better? 


     How can I BE better (now)? Empower yourself by accepting responsibility for your decisions, your thoughts, and your actions (or INaction). How about just take responsibility for your full life?!


     What am I gonna do?


     What can I do right now? Sometimes the answer to this question is “noddadamn thing.” Make peace with it. Rest. The time for action will come, and you’ll need your energy.


What’s next? 


What’s NOW? What’s next is another NOW, ya dig? As one of my teachers says, “Wherever you are the time is ALWAYS now.” So just be here now, and be fully present. Presence is the best preparation. Trust me.


    What was s/he thinking?!


What am I feeling right now? Peace doesn’t come from deciphering, blaming or judging other folk. We don’t wake up in their bodies or their minds; we don’t live their lives. We wake up in our own minds. So…wake up IN YOUR OWN.

Have more great questions? Share below or share with me on Twitter @femmealchemista


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