Sistren, we’ve become far too sentimental about these matters of the heart. And before we know it, we’re in the ring of fidelity to someone who could give a hill of beans less about the deepest desires of our hearts; yet expects us to be their mother incarnate.

I’m joking.

Seriously though: if you could ask a guy ANYTHING without fear of what he’d think about you or how it may come off, if you had THREE questions that would capture the essence of what it takes to please you, what would they be? Share below, and I’ll share mine in an upcoming post. Until then, I’ve included a little dialogue clip to give you a few ideas. (Thank me later)

Her (Libby): Well, I do want to put all of that behind me…

Him (Lawyer Guy): So does your husband.

Her: EX …husband

Him: Well, that right there that’s a fresh start

Her: What is your position on marijuana?

Him: The firm represented Lamar, a marijuana activist based in Washington, so I say legalize the plant

Her: And…oral sex?

Him: (looks surprised and confused…hesitates…) hmm…legalize that too. I’m a HUGE proponent. Why are you asking?

Her: What about marriage?

Him: I’ve had 3 – each one more acrimonious than the last. I don’t plan to ever stand at the altar again.

Her: What about dinner?

Him: My favorite meal of the day.

Her: I mean, how would you like to take me to dinner?

Him: Yes, please.



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