Day 1: Keep Still

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I heard inside was “keep still.” As in:  whatever you’re about to do, don’t. 

Did I do it? Nope!

Instead, I checked my cell phone for missed calls and messages. I checked my email for the same. I made up my bed, eliminated, washed myself, prepared breakfast, chatted with folk and am now penning this post.

You may wonder, “Well, what’s wrong with that?”

Nothing is “wrong” with it, but I marvel at how naturally I fell into doing the very thing I no longer want to continue doing. ON DAY ONE! And perhaps, I learned my first lesson:

It’s not what we desire that shapes our lives, it’s what we choose.

The first step to dissolving this cycle is keeping still. Don’t do the usual; don’t do the new. Just, take a knee, set the intention again. Be still. 


Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Listen to the whispers or soon you’ll be listening to the screams.

So as soon as I publish this, I am going to sit by the lake quietly for an hour or so. And see what this “keeping still” is all about. 

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