Day 3: Keep Listening

“On the most important journeys of your life, your books will not come with you. And guess what? You won’t even miss them.” – Something Within

This morning, I briefly conversed with a dear friend of mine who is now in Cambodia, having explored Thailand and Vietnam (India next). She is living her heart’s desire; what she’s always spoken now is.

She’s been on this journey now for months, and even though our messages are mostly typed letters on a screen, soul saturates them.

Today, I told her:

“Your soul feels quieter with some unspoken beingness and wisdom…it’s hard to say. It’s amazing: like a place meant for silence, but which you know produces an immaculate echo.”

She replied:

“Yes, I feel like I’m changing – can’t say how just yet.”

I suppose soulful living is like that: it happens almost imperceptibly without all the things we thought were so important.

(As I typed that, three yellow butterflies just danced around one another close by me. I’m writing this from my mother’s lanai.)

But we have to take the first brave step. And it’s often the hardest.

It’s the one that requires the most courage (because of all the doubts and “but-I-don’t-knows” that arise) and commitment (because it’s so easy to fall back on our old comforts).

It takes time for the roots to grow, and we must keep still and trust the process until they do.

I wasn’t exactly sure of my commitment for the next 38 days. Now I am.

I will practice listening deeply for the spaces I know have an immaculate echo. And yet, I’ll (try to) keep silent. 

(I’ve decided to extend my stay in South Carolina for another week. Something said, “Do it.” And I did. I need it.)

To follow my friend’s journey, check out her YouTube channel: Paper Passages






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