Day 4: Relax.

Today, I feel really good…it’s a clear day.

I awoke after a very vivid dream…meditated…or attempted to.

While sitting with sun shining on my bare back, many questions I’d been asking pertaining to career direction and school were answered clearly and thoroughly. The instructions flooded in.

I paused to jot down what I was hearing and continued to restlessly remain for 30 minutes of ever-increasing excitement about “what was next.”   

Several times, I felt the urge to jump up and ride the wave of excitement, but I remembered Day 1: 

“Keep still.”

So I breathed into the feeling, and I felt the gratitude. I smiled, and breathed more deeply. 

Clarity comes from the center. It’s the axis around which needed knowledge pivots and rotates, and we can only receive fully from a place of relaxation.

Excitement is delicious at times, but it can create static and detract from the present’s gift of itself.

Maybe this is why for some of us, certain painful patterns repeat. Maybe it’s the way life gets our attention when we don’t hear the whispers. Pain freezes us, and it makes us listen for relief. 

I am definitely ready for a more gentle way of learning. So today I remind myself to relax

In the goodness, relax. In the struggle, relax. In the joy, relax. In the quiet, relax. Relax to receive. Relax to feel. Relax to climax. Relax to know. Relax to move. Relax to allow. Relax to listen. 

Relax to dance to the heretofore unsung song made just for your ears…


“Relaxation allows the nectar of life to pass through.”

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