Day 7: Keep Being You

“I got a lot of things to work on, and they all won’t get done in this lifetime. Oh well.”

– my big little sister

I am frequently self-conscious about aspects of my personality that most of my tribe probably doesn’t notice or otherwise lovingly accepts as “just how Asha is.”

But being uber sensitive, I can pore over a comment tossed lightly by any given person for days.


So when I caught myself thinking a little too long and hard about something a friend said, I shrugged dramatically and told myself (aloud):  

“Love me, or leave me alone.”

And there it was: my new reply to the hyper inner critic in my mind that obsesses over the teeniest things.

Because she’s usually triggered by truth, or something with an element of, I can speak from that part that’s true and called out, and tell her plainly: take it or leave it, but don’t pick at it. (I do a lot of talking with myself.)

The thing about BEING is that true being can’t be fragmented. It’s essentially whole. Perhaps, in light of certain situations, traumas or conditionings, we appear as halves or slivers.

In those moments, we may forget that we are still one big whole body of being, and that it’s only our perception or memory that’s fragmented.

And while we may spend parts of our lives in those slivers of truth, we are never not whole.

As a recovering perfectionist, I can testify to the fact that the journey is so much more joyful when I can say, “Yep! That’s me!” And then, keep being myself!

Because while the world has a bit of everything, it still needs the whole of me. And even if it doesn’t, I do.

“I am that I am.” – God

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