Day 8: Keep It To Yourself

“No secret is truly such if you ask another to keep it.” – A. Tane

I am usually a proponent of transparency, especially when it comes to the things we think should never be told: “forbidden” thoughts, past or present abuses, hurts, fears, necessary truths, age, weight and other things that keep us feeling shamed, bogged down, alienated or easily blackmailable. 

In life, I’ve been a habitual gusher — sharing my inner world liberally, even when it’d serve me best to not do so (it’s like inviting someone for dinner when you haven’t enough for yourself). 

But when it comes to juicy things, delicate and precious, things that my soul is invested in or that I’ve desired for a long time, I’m learning to keep it to myself. 

So, why am I blogging about it?

Because I’ve invited you in on my journey, and today I made a decision that I’ve decided to keep to myself.

It feels tingly in my belly…it’s like wearing lace intimates under tatty overalls: no one knows it, and no one would expect it. 

But what really makes it special is that it’s all mine. 

I’ve spent much of my life trying to force others to share themselves or share me only with me. I wanted to be special enough to be chosen, and selected for the safekeeping of some sacred life offering or moment. 

Now, I am learning to safekeep my own special offerings, and to nurture them until their fragrance permeates every inch of my life, and someone asks, 

“What smells so nice?”

Then, and only then, may I show them my secret garden.

“Keep some of yourself for yourself.” – Something Within

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