Day 14: Commitment

When I began this retreat, I had only TWO questions to which I sought answers: 

“What is the active ingredient that will help me take my life to the next level? 


“How do I activate it?”

When I first received the answer, I didn’t like it. It’s a trait that I’ve always admired in others, but never fortified within myself: COMMITMENT. It kept coming back like a mantra: just commit. 

I finally accepted it. I was ready for the second answer. It lightened the big BOOM of the first: JOY. It floated up like a smiling whisper. I relaxed. 

I can do that. I can do this. I’m going to do this. 

And just like that, I committed.

I’m back now in Maryland now, and retreat time is done; it’s time to do the work.

Commitment has always been a struggle for me because I’ve always feared that I’d get stuck or miss out on something better for me, but like anything in life, it’s a choice not an obligation.

And just like that, Commitment began introducing herself to me, and I liked her already. 

  1. Commitment is always a choice, NEVER a consequence.

Commitment is now a bold single YES in a sea of HELL NAWs. And it will be because I choose so.

(I just made a commitment to not exceed 300 words in this and future posts.)

I thought of my commitments and saw her second distinguishing characteristic:

2. Commitment is strengthened by vision.

Without a desired vision, I’ll never be inspired to commit when it’s a challenge. 

And that is my third epiphany: 

3. Commitment is meant to be a (worthwhile) challenge.

That makes it “commitment” (otherwise, it’d just be easy). Each challenge is simply Life asking me, “Do you still want it?”

Yes, Life, I do.




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