Day 16: Listen

The most important part of communication is listening.

Today has been a day of tough conversations, imperfectly conducted (on my part). I did my best though. And I look forward to doing even better in the future. 

Sometimes, I get my feelings hurt over my own refusal to listen. I’ll hear the words but not really be listening to the person. My part in the disconnection is in the depth of attention I’m paying to the whole of it.

We hear with our ears and brain, but we listen with our heart and soul.

Listening and hearing are not synonymous. Hearing is the ears detecting a stimulus. Listening is the heart feeling for the pulse behind the words the ears hear.

It’s a soul-deep thing, like the difference between dancing and grooving. 

I could have listened better. I could have sat with what was spoken, unspoken and undone and heard the messages, and responded in kind – taken response – ability (Day 15) much sooner. Had I listened, I probably wouldn’t have had to speak (that’s often the case, I suspect).

When I practice listening moving forward, God willing, I’ll do my best to:

  • Listen with my mouth closed.
  • Listen with my eyes shut.
  • Listen with silence as my first response. 

Because Life, and the relationships with those in it, is only as good as my listening.



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