Day 19: Storms

God is moving. You just gotta keep still. – Intuition

I heard the Inner Voice. I knew that I was to focus on myself — get my life in order, and create the sacred space within, and around me, to fly with my own wings. This was, is, the season for building from within.

But I let my heart get ahead of me; I wanted him more than anything else.

I tried to pull a thing into being. But creation can’t be forced. All of love is an invitation, not a mandate or coercion. I hurt my own feelings by simply being full of my own self and desire. No blame; I just see it clearly now.

I’m all cried out…worried out…stressed out…exhausted…unsure…and sufficiently discombobulated. 

I’m broken because I wouldn’t bend.

And now, I must take the time to heal.

All healing requires surrender to what is: the pain, the time, the rehabilitation period, the awkwardness of relearning what was once familiar and natural. But I’ll be with it, and me, just as it is – partly because I don’t have the energy to do anything else, and partly because now I know better.

Don’t think for one second soulful living doesn’t require dark times or storms. It most certainly does.

Keep still; be quiet! God is doing His work.

– Grandma’s advice while in a storm

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