Day 21: Destiny

“We all lose our focus, but the destination doesn’t change.” – my mama

My mother dropped this wisdom on me today, and with it came the aha moment of the century.

A true Aquarian, I’m easily distracted: if it’s not the obvious, it’s the unknown. If not the actual, the imaginary – or anything in between. Any way it shows up, it lures me – especially in matters of the heart.

I’ve been this way as long as I remember – distracted by beauty … pain … love … curiosity … loss … desire … by fear …

But I’m learning that distraction isn’t destination, and destinations aren’t destiny.

My current destination is only a benchmark of where I am on the journey to embodying my destiny, which is WHO I Am (ever-becoming). Life, and everything in it, is a moving thing.

Every conversation, opportunity, connection, relationship, experience, gain … is all for the purpose of becoming the embodiment of our destiny. Life is all a montage of cycles and circles. She birthes no abrupt beginnings and lopsided ends; that’s just what humans make of it.

Everything simply is before it becomes something else. 

Maybe distractions are miniature destinations, inseparable from our destiny – perhaps they are the where-we’ve-beenthat make us who we are. And if we’re willing, mindful, brave and committed, we will see that it’s the distractions that help us find our way to our destinations.

And it’s the process of finding our way that transforms us into embodied destinies. 





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