Day 22: Next

“What’s next is now.” – Something Within

If you’ve ever sat for an intuitive reading or traveled in those circles, you’ll know that the wise ones say, “I can only provide insight into what’s to come based on your energetic patterns now.”

At any moment, any of us can change our minds, our hearts and actions, and thus, shift our lives onto a completely different track. 

We are one choice away from a whole ‘nother next, I like to think.

And so the best predictor of what’s to come, I’m learning, lies in what we’re doing now. As a recovering “needing-to-know-what’s-nexter” I am learning that investing too much energy looking ahead means I’m not being presently responsive and attentive to now. And now is the only leverage I have for any future. 

The next thing I ever need to do is be here now. When my heart is uncertain, be here now. When I’m ready for something new, do it now. When I need to mend a hurt, do it now. Because while planning is great, presence is POWERFUL.

“What’s next is another now.” – Something Within

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