Day 23: Care

“Self-care is a spiritual practice.”  – A. Tane

For the longest time, I’ve worn my hair in low maintenance styles: primarily locs and short cuts because I don’t enjoy spending a lot of time on hairstyling. Being a “get-up-and-go” type woman, the whole take-forever-to-get-presentable thing is not my groove. 

So as my hair grows, I’m finding myself having to take more time – and care – with it. It got so that last night I considered another chop or locs. The only difference was this time all parts of me weren’t in agreement. 

I wanted the vision without the investment: that was the conflict.

And so I decided to change that. My hair vision for January 2018 is:


The deeper I go into this journey, the more I hear my unmet needs. As an empathic intuitive woman, my soul thrives on self-care, and that soul thriving enriches my external life and sweetens its fruit.

At this point, my body and being are my greatest testaments to where I am and what I believe.

And so, I’ve decided to continue growing my hair because I want to see what can come from deep attentiveness to me, rather than rushing off to do something outside of me. This is good, really good.

Hair length as of June 2017:


Ahhh the deep conditionings, low manipulation styles and moisturizing regimens to come…

“The body is the gateway to the soul, especially for women.” – A. Tane


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