Day 24: Forgiveness

There is immense power in forgiveness, one that I frequently overlook because forgiveness is often my last resort to healing.  

When in conflict, I’ll try everything else:

  • the cold shoulder
  • the cuss out/adult tantrum
  • lying (rare, but done it)
  • pretending everything’s okay when it isn’t
  • going to therapy
  • trying to “fix” others
  • the waiting game
  • the silent treatment
  • ignoring a person altogether
  • pray for the person to see it my way
  • rationalizing
  • apologizing to appease

Each above malpractice always leads me back to the root: forgiveness. 

When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear. – Theosophical principle

So when I came across Ho’oponopono,  an ancient Hawaiian healing practice rooted in the law of forgiveness, while editing a course for a client last night, I knew it was time.

My client wrote about the story of Dr. Hew Len, a Hawaiian psychologist who closed a mental institution in a few years by saying some words to himself each day. 

Read Dr. Hew Len’s story.

Editing that course moved something in me, and I decided to become forgiveness’ student.

While I’m not vengeful, I have quite a bit to forgive (truly forgive) and heal within. Misunderstandings between sisterfriends, childhood hurt, excommunicated family members, exes I’d rather not see and so on.

But in all this living I’ve learned something: 

Soul restoration is better than being right.

There is no freedom in finding fault, and no power in casting blame. 

So, today I focused on one person with whom I am not at peace, and repeated the following words:

hooponopono prayer

If repeating these words can heal an entire mental hospital, I can’t wait to see what it can do in my life.

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