Day 25: Belief

I’ve been taught that life unfolds in accordance to my belief about it, and in this way, as a woman thinks, so she — and it — is.

There is something powerful that happens when I choose to believe — the world around me becomes something else, something more than the obvious. 

I’ve taken to closing my eyes much more so as not to depend on what I see, especially when I am seeking an answer to something.

After all, natural sight has been my least reliable conveyor of what actually is. It’s my inner sight from which I create my best creations, as opposed to my outer sight-based reactions. 

The other day as I meditated, Something said:

“If you train with your eyes closed, darkness makes no difference.”

There are 3 superpowers born to all student believers of the non-evident:

  1. Patience: the quality that allows one to wait as if not waiting
  2. Silence: the absence of noise, and the ability to be in and with its absence
  3. Stillness: ceasing all outer movement and choosing to simply be with the moment until the inside keeps 

…to be continued…

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