Day 26: Presence

Presence is being with (giving undivided attention, availing oneself) to all that is.

Since starting this practice of Ho’oponopono, I’ve experienced a carousel of emotions – some connected to vivid, evocative daydreams, others simply washing through with disarming visceral effects. 


They’ve come and gone, often melting into one another becoming an indescribable iridescent cocktail of emotions at any given point in time.

I am learning not only to be with my flaws, but also to be with my needs. Needs, for me, are the other half of the self-acceptance coin I’ve avoided like the plague — fearing that acknowledging a need was admitting a weakness.

Today, I take liberty to share them here…now:

I need love. I need security. I need consistency. I need attention. I need beauty. I need willingness. I need companionship. I need inspiration…I need presence.

Without quick fixes or distractions, neither excuse nor explanation, they all just simply are in my I am-ness.

I accept this.

It’s a steady commitment to be with even when (ESPECIALLY WHEN) I don’t understand, or always know how. I just breathe, and listen to the silence.

Maybe I spontaneously hum until even my voice kneels, surrendering sound but keeping its intent. 

I’m sorry…Please forgive me…Thank you…I love you.

I sing to them, seeing their faces. I keep on singing until their faces become my own.

And I believe all IS well, and so it is.

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