Day 30: Watch.

“Measure twice, cut once. But first, WATCH.” – Wisdom

Watch means I use my eyes purposefully, actively and with intention. When what I see connects to my heart knowledge, I know I am watching with a vigilance and humility that takes no moment for granted; any moment anything can change.

I trust myself most after watching.

Perhaps spiritual masters are nothing more than skillful watchers of themselves; maybe that’s their superpower. Perhaps the soul of masterful living is about observing and learning from the healing power of watching alone.

I’ve always thought that those I admire were without fear, doubt, mindless busyness and foolish chatter. Now I believe they, much more than others, are more intimately acquainted with these resident human traits.

Perhaps this is what roots their commitment to live in their chosen way, a way that always leads to paying closer attention to everything within, knowing that is the only true way to change anything … ever.

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