Day 31: Ask

“It’s great to know, it’s better to ask.” – Something Within

I’ve made the mistake of priding myself on knowing answers rather than seeing the possibilities in All That Is. Today, relinquishing my know-it-all mindset opened the way for richer experiencing.

Today, before preparing for an interview, I danced in a way I never have before in public — or in private. I danced up tears and sweat, laughter and exhaustion. I forgot all about how it’s “supposed to be” or “supposed to look.” I just let it go.

And when it was all done, I sat still and felt the current of a million unnamed feelings rushing throughout me, enjoying the freedom from remaining unlabeled.

From that current, I prayed the truest prayer I could have ever prayed: “God, I’m grateful for all I have and am; I am ready for someone to share it with. I’m ready to do this life thing and grow with another who wants to grow with me.

“Only ask, and it will be given to you.” – The Bible

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