Day 33: Agree

“Stress comes from not making a decision.” – Ms. Cecile

Today, I decided to solidify a few agreements with myself. Agreements are friendly pacts I make between the different parts of me.

If upheld, they become new lifechanging beliefs. Be prepared: as soon as you make your agreement and own it, you will be tested. Stay ready.

Before I share a few of my own, here are a few tips for making effective agreements with self. 

  1. KEEP THEM SHORT AND SIMPLE. Your agreement will become a sort of mantra, and it’s easier to remember that which is concisely put. 
  2. START WITH ONLY A FEW. I’ve noticed when I commit to making one change, other things change as well without me ever setting out to change them. It’s all connected; change one thing, change everything.
  3. CREATE AGREEMENTS ON MEANINGFUL PREREQUISITE AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. If you are unhappy about your job, it’s probably wiser to make an agreement pertaining to that before you make an agreement about how you will reinvent your wardrobe. (Just sayin…)

Relationship Agreement #1: I GIVE FROM INSPIRATION ONLY.

I will not give from obligation, expectation, induction or manipulation. I give that which brings me joy and peace  at a time that it suits me to do so.

Health Agreement #2: HEALTHY IS MY “SEXY.”

I make decisions about my total well being based on the wisdom of my body and intuition. 


Moolah affords me many joyful experiences, and I really love when it’s a win/win — win putting in, and win paying out. 

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