Day 34: Evolve

“Evolution has always been about survival, not happiness.”

– Amir Levine

There are many ways to live, but in my life the decision has often seemed to vacillate between what I felt I needed (safety) and what I deeply desired (joy), as if they couldn’t be integrated.

While being safe and certain of my well being provides a measure of satisfaction, it’s very different from the soul-filling ecstasy of watching a sunset or enjoying the presence of one who loves.

And then, today, while I was listening to this awesome interview on YouTube  with Dr. Amir Levine  (co-author of Attached ), I had a HUGE “aha moment” : 

Much of who we are is a result of how we have unconsciously evolved; therefore, the skills we inherit, adopt and are conditioned to apply in order to survive are not necessarily the same skills that will usher us into happiness.

I decided that anyone who can self-reflect can self-correct. Period.

Conscious evolution happens when we choose to commit to a different way of being, but I see now that most of us need a motive.

For some it’s loss. For others, the possibility of a gain. Boredom. Desire. Curiosity. Any reason needs to be reinforced with a choice to act each day in a way that, perhaps, doesn’t give us the illusory feeling of comfort (frequently mistaken as safety in this modern age) in which we’ve luxuriated. 

This is how we become conscious creators of our lives and the world around us: by consciously creating who we are — the greatest asset any of us will ever have, and by far best inheritance for any forthcoming generation.

“What you do don’t mean shit if you refuse to grow.” – ME


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