Day 36: Think

Knowing is nothing compared to thoughts and feelings.

– Something Within

This was the AHA moment in my morning meditation today.

I was reading when the insight dawned: how many times has my knowing not influenced my thinking or feeling about life? 

I began tracing how my thoughts and feelings are what inspire the actions that co-create my life (reality, perception, perspective, experience, etc.). My knowing, if I don’t do anything with it, just sits there like books on a shelf — collecting dust, appearing important and taking up space. 

I literally saw the correlation like Neo finally seeing the matrix (after he died).

There is a necessary death before something new can be birthed and have ample nourishment. For me, it was realizing this wisdom: 

“The only thing we’re ever dealing with is a thought, and a thought can be changed.” – Louise Hay

I can only WATCH what I think about anything or anyone any given time. I really have very little control over even my thoughts. But when I choose to just watch them, something happens.

I become IN-powered: my sense of strength in any given situation is rooted in how I choose to be in my moments, and I choose to be watchful to see what watching can do. I’m strong enough to admit what’s out of my hands, and wise enough to hol

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