Day 37: Initiate

“See I pick my friends like I pick my fruit.” – Erykah Badu

One of the most powerful aspects of life is relationships. This is especially true for women who are trained to base their self-worth on how well they perform their ascribed roles in relationships.

I lived that the way for much time, but now I am getting better. I’m becoming more mindful of what types of people I allow in my inner circle because it’s sacred. My time…my energy…my space — it’s all very precious.

As I grow, I realize that practicing unconditional self-care is key to rightly being in relationship, FIRST (and always) with ME. I see that self-compromise NEVER yields worthwhile results. And I know that how people show up (or don’t) is usually reveals where their commitment lies. It takes the guesswork out of my responsibility to INITIATE my change reaction.

Initiation is an energized, intentional beginning.

It is jumpstarting a process. In the matter of ALL relationships, it’s about seeing where we can love ourselves more deeply, knowing that is always what’s best for everyone involved. It is true that we cannot receive or perceive a greater love than what we have for ourselves, since all relationships are mirrors.

And all mirrors help us SEE. Our ability birthes our response-ability to initiate needed change based on what we SEE in our mirrors (relationships).

Ask yourself:

What fruit are my relationships bearing? Where am I giving to a space or person that cannot or will not give back? Am I ready to grow even if it means letting go?

Initiate your own change.

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