Day 38: Practice

Balance is a practice, not just a concept. 

The space between what we know and what we do with what we know is our potential for adding more balance in our lives. This is becoming my belief.

I think about dance, and how easy it is to find my balance when I have time to ground myself. A lift from stillness, while it requires more initial effort, feels more secure than one from momentum.

But momentum makes the best lifts…and yes, the hardest falls.

When we commit to live full out, we don’t pick and choose where to go all in and where to pussyfoot around. We either show up all the way in every regard, or miss out.

I had stopped showing up for quite some time in my life. I fell a few times, and I got stunned into a mediocre kind of living. And although others around me might not have noticed, I did. I started being a “safer” version of myself — one that wasn’t too messy or too passionate or too anything. 

I muted myself.

But today, I woke up and showed up for practice.

My life is becoming a practice of transmuting fucking up and falling down into flow.


And knowing that fucking up isn’t failure. It’s life! Falling and being afraid is just another part of the whole. It’s only when I make them wholes unto themselves that I get stuck, and I stop practicing. 

But every fulfilled vision is a child of practice. And practice isn’t for the “perfect ones,” it’s for those who know that life is uncertain and know their own fragility, and yet still dare to show up to become — and go after — and create the best of what’s possible. 



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