Day 40: Continue

“A journey of a thousand miles always begins with the ground under your feet.”

– my personal adaptation of Lao Tzu’s wisdom

Evolution is a journey and process. It is a commitment to grow consciously rather than by default. It’s a choice to live on purpose, and know that everything worth it will cost something precious. Purpose is no different.

These 40 days have found me dancing, laughing, zenned out, spazzing, crying myself to sleep, waking with clarity, fucking up, falling back, rinse-wash-repeat.

But through it all, I kept showing up. And I continue to commit to do so. 

I learned that when we decide to commit to a thing or person or ideal or action, everything in life will arise to challenge that commitment, just so we may affirm our choice again and again.  

And these “challenges” are really trainers and teachers. They affirm our willpower. They grow us up. They shape us in ways that create presence without projection or pretense. 

There were many successes along this journey, but the greatest is that I stayed the course. If you take nothing away from these 40 practices to live more soulfully, remember this: your entire life changes when you keep ONE promise you made to yourself.

Thank you for sharing me on this 40-day initiation into soulful living. I look forward to rolling out the fruits of the seeds planted during this time. Until then, bless!

K.L. Kai




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