Day 40: Continue

“A journey of a thousand miles always begins with the ground under your feet.” – my personal adaptation of Lao Tzu’s wisdom Evolution is a journey and process. It is a commitment to grow consciously rather than by default. It’s a choice to live on purpose, and know that everything worth it will cost something precious.…Read more »

Day 39: Change

Disclaimer: This post is going to be long (longer-than-300-words-long).  Yesterday was an extremely emotional day for me. I woke up feeling so much hurt that I just couldn’t be present within myself. A few days prior, I unintentionally unearthed the next layer for deep healing in a conversation with my sister. She asked me about…Read more »

Day 37: Initiate

“See I pick my friends like I pick my fruit.” – Erykah Badu One of the most powerful aspects of life is relationships. This is especially true for women who are trained to base their self-worth on how well they perform their ascribed roles in relationships. I lived that the way for much time, but…Read more »

Day 36: Think

Knowing is nothing compared to thoughts and feelings. – Something Within This was the AHA moment in my morning meditation today. I was reading when the insight dawned: how many times has my knowing not influenced my thinking or feeling about life?  I began tracing how my thoughts and feelings are what inspire the actions…Read more »

Day 34: Evolve

“Evolution has always been about survival, not happiness.” – Amir Levine There are many ways to live, but in my life the decision has often seemed to vacillate between what I felt I needed (safety) and what I deeply desired (joy), as if they couldn’t be integrated. While being safe and certain of my well…Read more »