Every Great Courtesan

He told me, “I’ve met all kinds of women — women with advanced careers and rigorous professional lives, women who specialize in pleasing men, but you are different. You live in your soul.” Yes, I thought. I guess I do. Compassion washed over me as I began truly listening to him. It was only then I noticed…Read more »

Day 11: Risk

“The problem isn’t in growing up; it’s in forgetting.” – “The Little Prince” (paraphrased) Living soulfully always requires risk. I began this journey to find my way back to living a life that’s lit from within…one that cuddles the intangible. I missed long easy laughs, sweet conversations, play dates on summer nights and writing poetry all evening…Read more »


“It’s not what I asked for/sometimes life just slips in through a back door/and carves out a person who makes you believe it’s all true.” ~ Sara Bareilles “She Used to Be Mine” It was my first time having a phone conversation with him since our meeting almost a week prior. I had suffered countless,…Read more »