Every Great Courtesan

He told me, “I’ve met all kinds of women — women with advanced careers and rigorous professional lives, women who specialize in pleasing men, but you are different. You live in your soul.” Yes, I thought. I guess I do. Compassion washed over me as I began truly listening to him. It was only then I noticed…Read more »

Exploring Happiness: Allowing

“Allowing is movement, and movement transforms.” It seems paradoxical, but it’s true: Until I open myself to my true here-now feelings, release the dam and let the waters of my present emotion flow, I remain STUCK in my STUFF. And that ain’t about nothing (translation: “it’s not cool at ALL”). “I’ve learned that the more I try to…Read more »

Exploring Happiness

A few days ago, I told a dear friend that I don’t consider myself a “happy person.” He looked surprised, at first. Then, a bit concerned, and finally, curious. I became self-conscious at my revelation, and silently reconsidered my words in his presence, felt their truth and nodded affirmatively, moreso to myself than anything. The…Read more »

To Be Seen

My whole life has been a perpetual question. And that is, Will you see me? – paraphrased from Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking As I sit alone… in my darkened room – two glass-encased white candles burning down their wicks – I feel a tingle in that space that lies two fingers-width down from the end…Read more »