When You See a Woman Down

“I betcha think I don’t know nothin’ but singin’ the blues/oh sistaa, have I got news for you/I’m sumthin’, I hope you think that you’re sumthin’ too” ~ “Miss Celie’s Blues” by Shug Avery A young soon-to-be-woman came to the village elder asking after a man who was engaged with another. She was interested, but…Read more »


There was nothing proper about her — she stared too long, never wore bras and laughed at others’ mishaps, if it so struck her fancy. She was ill-trained in the way of apology, and she sauntered everywhere she went, even funerals and dinner parties, where everyone was coupled except her. Her behavior had no exceptions. She…Read more »

9 times outta 10

9 times outta 10… i won’t remember to bring the trash can from the curb or to put the pillows in a certain order. i am a woman who nurtures many and feels much… a watcher…a listener…a keen observer. i am a midwife. and my house won’t always look fit for company, but any soul…Read more »

Love: Surprise!

I was taught that Love was nothing without sacrifice. If it was “Love”, then something invaluable had to be offered up – and painfully so. It could be a forsaken dream or deeply rooted desire, a search for an answer to a worthwhile question or a hope for something other than what everybody else had…something better. If you…Read more »