Goddess Nike

You can spend your whole life trying to figure it out without actually taking the chance to do it. But there is no “right time.” Instead, I’ve given you NOW. What will you do with it?  ~Life Today I found myself standing at my door with a grocery bag and a 24-pack of bottled water.…Read more »


it’s the only constant there is…so, go ahead. change your mind. change your job. change your habits. change directions. allow the fluctuations to ripple through you without feeling the need to do anything at all. and when the dust settles, rest in your new location, for you may have moved without taking a step. you…Read more »

Spontaneous Message

I receive these awesomely relevant and inspiring weekly astrological insights from Channi Nicholas’ website, and this is what was given to me today (right on time!): “Your REAL career is learning how to give yourself fully to whatever you are doing, so that whatever goodness can come of your labor is magnified.” – Channi Nicholas…Read more »

Sum (of the) Times: Calling All Women

Evolution is NEVER televised. ~herstory The time has come. And Google can’t tell you how to do it; it’s innate. We can’t google return to origins – to wisdom and wellness. And the time for returning has come. RE-turn (v.): turn around, turn again, change direction  Wellness is every woman’s birthright:  no matter her circumstance, background, location or…Read more »

Setting Sail

What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs. – Rumi The other morning I awoke early to study for an exam. Not only was I two weeks behind in lectures, but had only a few hours to digest, note and synthesize information in order to feel prepared. As I completed the first…Read more »