Day 28: Touch

Humans are made for community and wired for connection. Like air and water, it’s a necessity. It’s not healthy to go long periods of time without mindful human touch. Whether a personal intimacy or sacred intentional service, humans need to feel the lovingpresence of one another. And those who go without, from infants to elders,…Read more »

Day 26: Presence

Presence is being with (giving undivided attention, availing oneself) to all that is. Since starting this practice of Ho’oponopono, I’ve experienced a carousel of emotions – some connected to vivid, evocative daydreams, others simply washing through with disarming visceral effects.  Sadness…angst…curiosity…pensiveness…anger…hope…fatigue… They’ve come and gone, often melting into one another becoming an indescribable iridescent cocktail of emotions…Read more »

Day 25: Belief

I’ve been taught that life unfolds in accordance to my belief about it, and in this way, as a woman thinks, so she — and it — is. There is something powerful that happens when I choose to believe — the world around me becomes something else, something more than the obvious.  I’ve taken to…Read more »