Day 32: Feel

“Oh, mirror in the sky What is love? Can the child within my heart rise above? Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life?” – Fleetwood Mac “Landslide” A few years ago, I began writing the story of me and my soul mate. I could never commit…Read more »

Day 31: Ask

“It’s great to know, it’s better to ask.” – Something Within I’ve made the mistake of priding myself on knowing answers rather than seeing the possibilities in All That Is. Today, relinquishing my know-it-all mindset opened the way for richer experiencing. Today, before preparing for an interview, I danced in a way I never have…Read more »

Day 30: Watch.

“Measure twice, cut once. But first, WATCH.” – Wisdom Watch means I use my eyes purposefully, actively and with intention. When what I see connects to my heart knowledge, I know I am watching with a vigilance and humility that takes no moment for granted; any moment anything can change. I trust myself most after…Read more »

Day 29: Sit

Today was the first day of this 40-day journey where a clear topic eluded me. Living soulfully requires moments of seeming nothingness, I trust. It calls for blank spaces.  Right now, I’m just taking a seat. I’m reflecting on the journey thus far this year. I’m admiring the peace of my new home. I’m  hydrating.…Read more »

Day 28: Touch

Humans are made for community and wired for connection. Like air and water, it’s a necessity. It’s not healthy to go long periods of time without mindful human touch. Whether a personal intimacy or sacred intentional service, humans need to feel the lovingpresence of one another. And those who go without, from infants to elders,…Read more »