Day 26: Presence

Presence is being with (giving undivided attention, availing oneself) to all that is. Since starting this practice of Ho’oponopono, I’ve experienced a carousel of emotions – some connected to vivid, evocative daydreams, others simply washing through with disarming visceral effects.  Sadness…angst…curiosity…pensiveness…anger…hope…fatigue… They’ve come and gone, often melting into one another becoming an indescribable iridescent cocktail of emotions…Read more »


“It’s not what I asked for/sometimes life just slips in through a back door/and carves out a person who makes you believe it’s all true.” ~ Sara Bareilles “She Used to Be Mine” It was my first time having a phone conversation with him since our meeting almost a week prior. I had suffered countless,…Read more »

Lover’s Anonymous:F*ck it & LIVE!

WHAT’S “WRONG” My mother told me something the other day that changed my whole paradigm on everything. I had been feeling a bit down. Then she said: “You know, I thought about our conversation the other day, and I realized the biggest issue isn’t that you have separation anxiety; it’s that you think something is…Read more »

Sum (of the) Times: Calling All Women

Evolution is NEVER televised. ~herstory The time has come. And Google can’t tell you how to do it; it’s innate. We can’t google return to origins – to wisdom and wellness. And the time for returning has come. RE-turn (v.): turn around, turn again, change direction  Wellness is every woman’s birthright:  no matter her circumstance, background, location or…Read more »

Some’s Time

Sometimes we want something with all our hearts, and we are absolutely sure of it. We are sure it will work. We are sure this is the way. We are sure that we want this; after all, we’ve chosen it. And in this certainty we rest comfortably, forgetting that Life isn’t about comfort, certainty and correctness.…Read more »