Day 1: Keep Still

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I heard inside was “keep still.” As in:  whatever you’re about to do, don’t.  Did I do it? Nope! Instead, I checked my cell phone for missed calls and messages. I checked my email for the same. I made up my bed, eliminated, washed myself, prepared breakfast, chatted…Read more »


it’s the only constant there is…so, go ahead. change your mind. change your job. change your habits. change directions. allow the fluctuations to ripple through you without feeling the need to do anything at all. and when the dust settles, rest in your new location, for you may have moved without taking a step. you…Read more »

Setting Sail

What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs. – Rumi The other morning I awoke early to study for an exam. Not only was I two weeks behind in lectures, but had only a few hours to digest, note and synthesize information in order to feel prepared. As I completed the first…Read more »

Some’s Time

Sometimes we want something with all our hearts, and we are absolutely sure of it. We are sure it will work. We are sure this is the way. We are sure that we want this; after all, we’ve chosen it. And in this certainty we rest comfortably, forgetting that Life isn’t about comfort, certainty and correctness.…Read more »


There may come a day when I’m the only one … Writing letters with ink and pen addressed to those zapped in pixels, breathing analog memories into digital lips and lungs Memorizing phone numbers and birth dates, knowing by heart In a world that’s all absentminded, trusting devices to carry on their lives – I may…Read more »

I’d Like to Propose a Toast

Here’s to unexpected endings, derailed plans, paths less traveled and the magick of change and uncertainty: may we have the courage to walk where there is no road, become who we most desire, revel in questions more than answers and seek for that which evades logic. And may we always remember that the waves of change are…Read more »