Cook Like Making Love

As I age, I will tell those generations after me: Cook like you’re making love. Take your time. Make sure your hands are clean and your heart is full. Stay connected. Taste it to see how you’re doing. Ask questions. Experiment, and laugh. Listen to music that evokes a lingering, closed-eye smile. Make sure you’re really…Read more »


and suddenly, i’m in the tick-boom of it all…pieces fly and soar past my face, shards of heat pierce my body – swollen and ripe from across the room. slowly lost – sense, dimension, orientation, sliding down walls – holding it in and wanting it all. i know what it is: you. wider and wider i…Read more »

Love Matters: Connection

Connection is not the same as interaction. Interaction is more of an involuntary call and response – the intentionless happening between two elements that come across each other’s path. In the case of humans, there usually isn’t much forethought or intense desire. Connection requires an opening: both elements allow themselves to be entered by the other…Read more »