“It’s not what I asked for/sometimes life just slips in through a back door/and carves out a person who makes you believe it’s all true.” ~ Sara Bareilles “She Used to Be Mine” It was my first time having a phone conversation with him since our meeting almost a week prior. I had suffered countless,…Read more »


it’s the only constant there is…so, go ahead. change your mind. change your job. change your habits. change directions. allow the fluctuations to ripple through you without feeling the need to do anything at all. and when the dust settles, rest in your new location, for you may have moved without taking a step. you…Read more »

Woman Anonymous: Masks

Dear Woman, Masks are intriguing, but they were meant to come off. Yes, they are lovely for festivals and role playing, not so much for living your ACTUAL life. In fact the fear of being seen just may be the NUMBER ONE cause of your feeling so damn lonely and emotionally “put out” of your…Read more »

I’d Like to Propose a Toast

Here’s to unexpected endings, derailed plans, paths less traveled and the magick of change and uncertainty: may we have the courage to walk where there is no road, become who we most desire, revel in questions more than answers and seek for that which evades logic. And may we always remember that the waves of change are…Read more »


I love my lines: Forehead expressions, corners of eyes… Thighs I’m decorated. See the remnants of a decade’s smile commemorated. I am not made of alabaster – Humanity wrapped in wHoliness colored with laughter, it’s the feeling I’m after. It’s the feeling I’m in.  The color of Earth, the sex of yin – I’ve been written…Read more »


Please remember all you’ve started/I can see GOD from here. ~Willow When afraid…continue. When angry…acknowledge. When desiring…allow. When unsure…ask. When happy…share. When lonely…smile. When sad…cry. When tired…rest. When overwhelmed…breathe. When confused…listen. When worried…laugh. When curious…explore. When lost…trust… All is as it ought be.